Sunday, September 5, 2010

Washed Out: Life of Leisure

Ernest Greene's Washed Out has made a name for himself with his critically acclaimed EP, Life of Leisure. Categorized as a man of the "chillwave" genre, Washed Out is sometimes portrayed as one of the founders of the rapidly becoming popular genre of "chillwave". The EP, from start to finish, includes various euphoric sounds that almost warp the listener inside the music, to another place in time. Mixtures of catchy beats and rhythms pave the way for the entire EP. Feelings of nostalgia continuously bombard the listener's mind, hence the name Washed Out. Ernest Greene states that he one day started posting up songs on his MySpace page, hoping to get a few likes and approvals. Instead, a music producer one day stumbled upon on Washed Out's premature tracks and was amazed at his findings. Wanting to listen to more, Ernest Greene was asked to produce more tracks. Ernest Greene got to work. This EP and his other work, a cassette released tape, High Times, are the fruits of his labor. The catchy beat to the first song on the EP, "Get Up", continues on throughout, all the way to the very last song, "You'll See It". By far the most popular (and for good reason) song on the EP is "Feel It All Around". The simple, yet elegant lyrics tell of a troubling past and according to Greene himself, he says "I was going through a rough time in my life." The feelings of sorrow when the song was made definitely help change the mood of the song, giving it an incredible boost in a tad ironic way. By the time you are done listening to the EP fully, the reader will be left asking themselves, "where can I get more?" I guarantee it.

Washed Out's Life of Leisure EP gets an astounding 9.4 out of 10.

Sexy time.

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