Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Radio Dept.: Clinging To A New Scheme

The Radio Dept. is a more well publicized band, originating from Sweden. Their newest third album, having only released two others in the past fifteen years, has blown my mind away. Every single song is intertwined with the last. The smooth transitions and catchy song names (not really a person who cares for song names, but I really enjoyed these for some reason) bring to fruition a very well planned out album. Plus, the album art is nothing to hate either. Someone smoking a big fat cigar almost always wants to make me say, "Ay Tony, badabing-badabang." The use of war style lyrics helps bring out the album's true motive. The Radio Dept. shows just how a shoegaze genre should be put to work.

The Radio Dept.'s Clinging To A Scheme album gets a well-deserved 9.8 out of 10. Who knew Swedens could make beautiful music?


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