Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tycho: The Science of Patterns

Tycho is not well known. This is a fact. However, his entrance into the music scene has made him an amazing electronic composer. This debut EP, The Science of Patterns, brings to light Tycho's ideas, skills, and ambitions. The slow chimes and the slow ah's from the first song set the mood for the entire EP. The bass is nothing to fret about either. Cruise around town listening to some of these songs, and prepare to be stared at. The second track is, in my opinion, the most outstanding song of them all. Named "Human Condition", it climatically reaches its forte during the middle, with the continuous beat, and the amazing chillness. The spinning sounds that occur set it apart from the rest of the EP. "Systems" is yet another amazing song. The song makes you want to jump up and down, playing the song on repeat. I would know; I did it. Tycho truly made a masterpiece of a debut EP, and it paved the way for his other albums that would come in the future. The futuristic sounding EP is a memento of ambient music.

Tycho's debut EP, The Science of Patterns, gets a 9.1 out of 10. "In The End" is a bonus track of this ancient release. Be sure to get it.

Kids. Perfect for a chill EP.

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